Plan: A digital temple (1) , two tunnels (2,3) and Peace & Prosperity for all by the end of 2020. Sure we can !!


World Trade Port gives an exodus from hell

The gate is open now!


Trade is not limited by borders. For example: a European company could execute a

building project in Asia with financial help from an investor from the United States.

The World Trade Port unites online ideas with interested parties. In this way,

a country such as Afghanistan becomes open to the rest of the world.



Team: Afghanistan

Alfred, Sadat, Khalil


Sadat has a dream of a peaceful and prosperous Aghanistan. He has also a dream of his own and that is to be an actor. Maybe the new Ronald Reagen of Afganistan? We are workin on it. But he also don't forget the world. Co-ordination of the 6 ports in Afghanistan will take place from Breda and Kabul.