Kunduz, Trade Port 304, as the city in Afghanistan where the World Trade Port initiative is rolled out over the world with 3000 Ports on 1-jan2018

Kunduz, Trade Port 304 ....


World Trade Port gives trade impulse to isolated country

The gate to Afghanistan is opened


Trade is not limited by borders. For example: a European company could execute a building project in Asia with financial help from an investor from the United States. The World Trade Port unites online ideas with interested parties. In this way, a country such as Afghanistan becomes open to the rest of the world.


Sayed Ahmad Sadat and Khalil Wedad are men with dreams: dreams about a beautiful and safe Afghanistan, with sufficient employment, housing and a good level of education. It is a future for which Sadat and Wedad are willing to give their best efforts. Sadat, at present still living in Oosterhout (a municipality near the city of Breda in the Netherlands), will be the presidential candidate for Majma e Haqiqat e Afghan at next year’s elections. “Our party stands for a democratic Afghanistan, which opens itself to the rest of the world.”

Sadat calls Majma e Haqiqat e Afghan a good solution for his country. “Trade is now mainly done with Pakistan and Iran, but we want Afghanistan to conduct business with the entire world. At present this is done at an extremely low level and is badly organised. For instance, medicine is now predominantly imported from Pakistan; it is expensive and the quality is poor. If we could connect Afghanistan to the rest of the world, we would be able to import medicine from other countries. This will greatly benefit public health. We have a beautiful country, but our people cannot allow themselves happiness as .they still suffer from the effects of thirty years of war. Trust has been broken and we wish to remedy that.”


New ways

In order to make his dreams come true, Sadat is helping to develop a World Trade Port in Kabul, the capital city. This initiative started by the Dutchman Alfred Bollebakker is aimed at creating trade centres all over the world which can be fed with new projects from any random country. “An international construction company wishes to build good roads in Afghanistan. At World Trade Port, this company can contact the authorities and parties who wish to invest in such a project. There is plenty of unused capital in the world; the WTP brings the parties and the ideas together.”


Difficult areas

In order to set up WTP Kabul, an actual centre will first be created. Sadat: “In our building, we also have enough space for a trauma centre, so that we can take care of the sick. In this way we can already start doing something important for the people. The political centre of Majma e Haqiqat e Afghan will also be housed here. In cooperation with schools, companies and universities we will give shape to the WTP in the very near future and make sure that the public is aware of its existence.” Bollebakker explains that, as soon as this has been taken care of, nothing will stand in the way of trade.

“The world is open. I have made a conscious choice to set up WTPs in difficult areas first, because that is where people need them the most. After Kabul, other Afghan cities will follow. And I’m also hoping to realise my ideas promptly in Syria, Iran, Haiti, Somalia, Congo and the Palestine area and ” the rest of the world by the end of 2013”.



The road to peace

Sadat, who met Bollebakker and Wedad during an Afghan trade conference in The Hague, is convinced that the WTP will bring much good to his country. “It is a major step in the right direction, which may also solve the housing problem. More than 5 million people live in Kabul, but the city has a capacity adequate for only two million inhabitants. In addition, new construction projects are good for employment. And the most important thing is that the people are given a perspective to a better life. Without this perspective, there can never be peace in our country.”

Trade Port 304 Kunduz




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