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Be the Dream Team!

We for Groningen/ World dream.

I when talking about your personal dream.

Let the Blue Swan help you to change how you think, change your lifes


Tell the people of our plans

Communicate as much as each other, to the papers, on radio, TV..etc. Don't talk about "that was", just talk about the bright future where your dreams come true.


Plan for Groningen



Trade Port 3 Groningen

Team of Groningen

Ready to take Groningen to the 21st Century as a Trade Port between the 2999 other ports by the end of 2017


While the world looks to the left, to a Groningen whipped by earth quakes and poor economy, we look to the right. To the Groningen which will rise and be the example for the world. God/Allah ( G'ah ) is on the side of the dreamers who has two dreams, one for society,...the world and one for their own. The EXODUS method / app will lead all in Groningen to a bright future of peace and prosperity. Yesterday is holy and today everybody can start their own 2 dreams, one for the world ( Groningen ) and one for your own ( an actor, a guitar player, a song writer, a painter, a teacher, a scientist, a doctor, or whatever..). Aim to be the best at the cost of nothing...not even your self. That will let the Blue Swans land on Groningen!

Captain Chaos alias Alfred J.

Responsible for WTP-Systems, Religion and Politics

World Dream:

Serve the World with my experience on Social, Trade, Religious and Education systems

Personal Dream:

To be a Blues King among the Blues Kings as my "alter ego" The Beast.

Greatest Achievement:

Cracked the code 666 which is lying in the Bible Revelation 13:18 for almost 1900 years. It has taken Alfred J. 15 years ( 1999-2014 ) to transform 666 into the Exodus® Serendipity Manager™. Now it can be used for any project to manage the unknown Unknowns and at the same time generate Serendipity plus a chance on a Quantum Leap in and outside the project.

CV of Alfred J.

Sadat, The Lion of Afghanistan because Allah wants it.

Responsible for Afghanistan and Standardization & Classification of the World from Afghanistan

World Dream:

Serve the Afghan people as an excellent engineer and bring peace and prosperity for all in Afghanistan/World.

Personal Dream:

To be an excellent actor on stage


Responible for the roll out of the Blue Swan Theory and the Exodus Method / App.

World Dream:


Personal Dream:


The Code:

Saint John's Revelation about the year 100 AC.


13:18Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. (=666)


This code was transformed into the Exodus Serendipity Manager by Alfred J. from 1999 until 27-dec-2014. This quest is documented in a book soon to be published. Why did he do it? Just because he is a stubborn man who wants to know, he likes difficult riddles and most of all: He is born for it!! Now the world can use it....but pay for it!! Otherwise you are NOT efficient.



Earn money with fair trading

Money lies everywhere. We just don't see it. The Blue Swan Theory will work as an "Uncloaking Device" to uncloack the "goldmines" that are lying everywhere. The Exodus app, which is based on the Blue Swan Theory, is our "Uncloacking Device".

An "uncloacked" Klingon ship of the 23th Century