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We for Groningen/ World dream.

I when talking about your personal dream.

Let the Blue Swan help you to change how you think, change your lifes


Tell the people of our plans

Communicate as much as possible..to each other, to the papers, on radio, TV..etc. Don't talk about "that was", just talk about the bright future where your dreams come true.


An offer you can't Refuse to Groningen

1-The Challenge:

Groningen is trapped between 2 disasters:

1- a geological disaster , earth quakes getting more severe due to gas exploiration;

2- an economic disaster, due to:

A- the earth quakes-> recovery of buildings + strengtening all buildings and

B- due to gas exploration reduction to prevent more earth quakes.

But there's always chance that more Black Swans will land on Groningen also due to the fact that Groningen is travelling to the left side of the Blue Swan Theory.





















2-The Solution:

Groningen as Trade Port 3, making deals with 2999 other Trade Ports in the world by the end of 2017 so:

1- The dangerous gas exploration can be stopped;

2- The economy and employment will get a boost

3- There will be always a chance that Blue Swans will land on Groningen and maybe even a Quantum Leap among them.

This solution offers Groningen an EXODUS to the right side of the Blue Swan Theory.


3-The Deal:

This offer is part of our World Plan 2015 ( 2015-2017 ). We estimate that it will costs us 5 million euro's to start the first year with the following activities:

1- developing the Exodus Serendipity Manager app so all people of TP3 Groningen can use it

2- complete the City Replicator Software

3- complete the trading software

4- embark employees on the ports for Standardization and Classification of all regions in the world ( will be done in Afghanistan ) and the maintaining of the ports. When Groningen is ready local people will get on board to replace the Afghans on Trade Port 3 ( with a good deal of course )


The deal is: Groningen can use Trade Port 3 as a window to all ports to trade with lightspeed. In return Groningen will transfer 1 million euro to Bayze ( taxfree ! ) so the build up of this total WTP-system can be accelerated.



Plan for Groningen



Trade Port 3 Groningen

Earn money with fair trading

Money lies everywhere. We just don't see it. The Blue Swan Theory will uncloack the "goldmines" that are lying everywhere. The Exodus app, which is based on the Blue Swan Theory, is our "Uncloacking Device".

An "uncloacked" Klingon ship of the 23th Century