Why WTP?

VOC 2.0*: equal chances for each region with 3000 involved Wtp’s by the end of 2018.

In the WTP any port with a “ship” (= idea or project) can set sail to 3000 other ports to trade. The VOC (the Dutch East Indian Company)

represents the bygone Golden Age and the golden 21st century that lies ahead.


World Trade Port makes the world of infrastructure transparent

Investing and building online

In Bandung a little boy sitting on a stone wall looks at the surrounding buildings. Suddenly a red

fighter kite falls from the clear blue sky and lands next to him, soon after followed by a yellow one.

The boy starts to daydream. He could sell the kites and make four new ones from the proceeds.

If he then sold those he could make eight more kites and after that sixteen. This way he could earn a

lot of money and give it to the people who really need it. Several decades later this daydream forms

the basis for the World Trade Port, an enterprise that wants to conquer the world within the next few years.



It works as follows: the world is divided into 2000 to 3000 regions (six of which are in the

Netherlands), each with a digital Hanseatic city at its centre. Anyone with an idea regarding

infrastructure uploads his or her project online on the WTP and subsequently tries to enthuse

people and form a close bond with them. Eventually the project needs to attract investors.

These investors don’t necessarily have to be from the same region. A wealthy Russian might want

to invest in a Colombian flood-control dam and instead of keeping his fortune tucked away in a bank,

an Arab sheik might want to invest some of his wealth in a Zimbabwean shopping centre.


Keep the money moving

The little boy from Bandung has become a wise man. As a planning engineer Alfred Bollebakker -

who recently became a member of the VOC * – worked for large companies such as Shell, Heijmans,

Ballast Nedam, the Department of Waterways and Public Works and the Port of Rotterdam.

He was involved in the construction of the Western Scheldt Tunnel and the Betuweroute,

but the dream he had as a child was never far from his mind. As the system he thought of while

sitting on the wall was able to help people from his neighbourhood, the World Trade Port is perfectly

suited for trade between different countries according to him. This way they can work their way up.

“Rest assured that Greece can receive income from this. That country has got a lot of sun and wind,

hasn’t it? By generating power from wind turbines and solar panels it can pay off part of its debts.

I’m certain that somewhere in the world there are investors who would like to finance that for a

good return, because a lot of money is lying idle at the moment. That’s a pity because money needs

to keep moving. When different parties get to know each other and the business case is put into

practice, you can start building. And once it’s up and running, the ideas that arise

will get better and better.”


Trade faster

The participation of governments in the WTP is essential, but Bollebakker has

no doubts regarding this. “The system is very transparent and enables all kinds of

cooperation between governments, companies, private persons, banks and other

investors. Everybody has access to all the important information. The way projects

are often set up at the moment only a few parties get a look in. But why shouldn’t

there be a Chinese investor who finances de Bavelse Berg in return for a small

percentage? That way the project can be executed a lot quicker. Now it often

takes too long. There are enough traders who can act quickly among the seven

billion people on earth.”


Billions of euros

Of course all kinds of communities will be formed. You can network on the

World Trade Port, but in version 2.0. Bollebakker: “The WTP offers all kinds of

opportunities that even I can’t envisage at the moment. What I know for certain

though is that this is unstoppable. Nobody can afford to be left behind.

At the end of this year twenty ‘ports’ will have been set up in southern Europe,

each with its own manager. At a later stage billions of euros will be involved,

the whole world will know the WTP.

Thanks to advanced software, everybody who is involved can follow the project.

And because it’s so transparent projects all over the world will be realized quicker,

better and cheaper. There is enough supply and demand.

The WTP ties it all together.”




Initiator Alfred J.


The Business Man



Goals and Nature:


1 For the World:


To make this enterprise and endeavor, that he had in head for 54 years, succesfull for mankind. And children and beasts and women first. Wants to be Santa Claus when he was 6 because his father gave him a box with candy under his bed in Bandung, Indonesia."It's from Santa Claus" he said.


2 For himself:


His 2nd dream is to make a hard rock album with 12 songs where he plays the guitar. In his daily work he is a planning engineer for industrial and large infra projects for large companies and the government.


3- His nature:


Wants a casttle full of woman. A childhood dream that he has as a result of the Bluebeard fairytale that his father told him. But instead of beheading woman who do not listen, he did not mind their mistakes. His little heart can forgive them. He just want to play with them.




◾Fierce, fast and focussed

◾Always kind and friendly

◾Understands complex systems

◾He do not judge ( now nor the past )

◾He do not use force to introduce his new worldview ( Bikini-traingle & Blue Swan Theory ). A smooth transformation takes good preparation, planning and a lot of patience.