Be the Dream Team!

We for Afghanistan/ World dream and use

"I" when talking about your personal dream.

Let the Blue Swan help you to change how you think, change your lifes


Tell the people of our plans

Communicate as much as each other, to the papers, on radio, TV..etc. Don't talk about "that was", just talk about the bright future where your dreams come true.


Team of Kabul Central

Ready to take Aghanistan to the 21st Century as Trade Center between Europe and Asia by the end of 2017


While the world looks to the left, to Afghanistan that was, Sadat looks to the right. To the Afganistan which will rise and be the example for the world. Allah is on the side of the dreamers who has two dreams, one for society,...the world and one for their own. The EXODUS method / app will lead all Aghanistan to a bright future of peace and prosperity. Yesterday is holy and today everybody can start their own 2 dreams, one for the world ( Afhanistan ) and one for your own ( an actor, a guitar player, a song writer, a painter, a teacher, a scientist, a doctor, or whatever..). Aim to be the best at the cost of nothing...not even your self. That will let the Blue Swans land on Afghanistan!

This all is made possible by Muhammad,the Messenger of Allah, who did what he has to do, because Allah wanted it that way. So now each Afghan, man and woman, can dream their 2 dreams!

Plan for Afghanistan



Kabul Central, ready to take the world to th 21st Century.

Sadat, The Lion of Afghanistan, because Allah wants it!

Responsible for Afghanistan and Standardization & Classification of the World from Afghanistan

World Dream:

Serve the Afghan people as an excellent engineer and bring peace and prosperity for all in Afghanistan/World.

Personal Dream:

To be an excellent actor on stage


With Sadat and Allah, who gave us the Blue Swan Theory and Exodus, through his Messenger Muhammad, All Lambs Become Lions.

Let the Exodus to the 21st Century begin!

Earn money with fair trading

Money lies everywhere. We just don't see it. But the Blue Swan Theory will work as an "Uncloaking Device" to uncloack the "goldmines" that are lying everywhere. These people will uncloack their 2 talents ( work and personal ) and lead the World to the 21th Century. They all look to the right, to a brighter future for all.The Exodus app, which is based on the Blue Swan Theory, is our "Uncloacking Device". And Muhammad, the Prophet of God/Allah is one of the 3 basis of the Exodus app! Allah is Great! and we all know who His Prophet is!

An "uncloacked" Klingon ship of the 23th Century